Save Money and the Planet

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Solar panels work by harvesting energy from the sun, then distributing it to your home. Any excess energy can be stored in your customized battery bank for later use. Savannah Roofs works side by side with Savannah, GA utility providers to ensure you receive all eligible billing credits.

Savannah Roofs executes residential, commercial, and industrial sized solar projects. Call today to learn more about how solar energy can improve your home.

We make the switch to solar energy simple

Since solar panels will ultimately pay for themselves due to their low-maintenance qualities, a solar panel installation is an excellent long-term investment. Solar energy is also:

  • Reliable: EnergySage reports a 0.05% failure rate in solar panels.
  • Green: Your home won't rely on non-renewable resources.
  • Simple: Savannah Roofs makes solar panel installation easy.
  • Low impact maintenance: each system installation is accompanied with a warranty for your roof.

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